Trapil - Société des Transports Pétroliers par Pipeline

    Trapil - Société des Transports Pétroliers par Pipeline

    Trapil Mitry-Mory Depot

    Trapil Mitry-Mory Depot

    The Société des Transports Pétroliers par Pipeline was created in 1950, to construct and exploit a hydrofuel transportation pipeline between the Basse-Seine and Paris Region. Its primary shareholders are key players in the oil sector.

    The Le Havre-Paris (LHP) network today covers 1,400 km ; the dispatch stations for the four main lines are connected to the Basse-Seine and Paris Region as well as import depots at Le Havre and Rouen. It serves 30 oil depots in Normandy, the Paris Region and Centre Region.

    The LHP annually transports around 18 Mt of diesel domestic fuel, kerosene and petrol. Trapil also operates, as a service provider, the network of the  Société du Pipeline Méditerranée Rhône between Berre and  Rhône-Alpes Region and Switzerland, as well as Berre and Nice, and the French section of the network of Centre Europe of Nato, also operating around 4,700 kilometres of hydrofuel pipelines.

    The total storage capacity of the LHP network is 56,000 m³ for air storage, of which 24,000 m³ commercially operated (SAGESS), and 200,000 m³ of line capacities.

    7-9 rue des Frères Morane
    75738 Paris Cedex 15 - France

    Tel.: +33 1 55 76 80 00
    ​Fax: +33 1 55 76 80 01

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