SPMR - Société du Pipeline Méditerranée–Rhône

    SPMR - Société du Pipeline Méditerranée–Rhône

    SPMR Depot of Fos-sur-Mer

    SPMR Depot of Fos-sur-Mer

    The Société du Pipeline Méditerranée–Rhône was founded in 1962 to construct and exploit a hydrofuel transportation pipeline assuring the service of depots in the  Rhône Valley, the Lyon Region, the Dauphiné, the Savoie region and onwards to the Côte d’Azur. Connection of this network to the Swiss pipeline (SAPPRO) also allows for supply of depots in the Geneva region. The main SPMR shareholders are stakeholders in the oil domain.

    After the construction phase in 1967/1968, the SPMR network began operations at the end of 1968. Today, the network spans across 762 km and has four main branches:

    • The Côte d’Azur section between the Mède and the  Puget-sur-Argens oil depot,
    • The Rhone section between Fos-sur-Mer and  Villette-de-Vienne,
    • The Lyon section between Villette-de-Vienne and the Lyon region,
    • The Alps section between Villette-de-Vienne and Switzerland.

    The total storage capacity of the SPMR network is around 100,000 m³, primarily for air storage located at Villette-de-Vienne. The fully automated various transportation and delivery operations are coordinated and permanently supervised from a centralised dispatching control centre.

    7-9 rue des Frères Morane
    75738 Paris Cedex 15 - France

    Emergencies: 0800 011 795

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