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    SARA Martinique

    SARA Martinique

    SARA, an energy supplier for over 50 years!

    Key figures:

    • Capital: €111 m
    • Shareholders: 71% RUBIS - 29% SOL
    • Number of employees: 320
    • Number of sites: 1 refinery in Martinique, 1 terminal in Guadeloupe, 2 terminals in French Guiana
    • Investments: + €20 m/year

    Our priority: to provide consumers in Guadeloupe, French Guiana and Martinique with accessible energy solutions.

    Traditional and new energies

    SARA delivers 1.2 million tonnes of products a year: petrol, diesel, paraffin, fuel oil for industry, gas and paraffin.

    Quality at the heart of our concerns

    Product conformity is checked by our laboratory, which has been COFRAC-accredited since 2002 for petroleum products.

    Safety and respect for the environment on a daily basis

    SARA relies on a solid organisation, rigorous monitoring of its facilities and regular safety training for all its employees.

    A corporate citizen

    SARA is strengthening its contribution to society in response to the major cultural and future challenges facing our regions:

    • Prioritise efforts towards projects in line with our CSR mission.
    • Helping to promote training for young people.
    • Taking a virtuous, eco-circular approach that is recognised at the heart of ideas on Energy Transition.

    SARA in Martinique:

    Quartier Californie Zone Industrielle
    97232 Le Lamentin

    Phone: +33 5 96 50 18 94
    Fax: +33 5 96 50 00 15

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