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    SNOI-Service National des Oléoducs Interalliés

    SNOI-Service National des Oléoducs Interalliés

    Espiguette depot

    Espiguette depot

    The Service National des Oléoducs Interalliés (SNOI) was created by a decree of 4 October 1963, referring to the North Atlantic Treaty of 4 April 1949.

    The SNOI is a State service placed under the dual supervision of the Ministry of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Ecological Transition (Directorate General for Energy and Climate - DGEC).

    The SNOI is responsible for the French part of the NATO Central Europe Pipeline System (CEPS), known as the Joint Defence Pipeline (ODC).

    It operates a network of 2,300 km of pipelines. The ODC network of the SNOI is connected to the installations in Dunkirk, Le Havre, Lavéra, Saint-Baussant and Oytiers. It transports nearly 5 million m³/year of liquid hydrocarbons.

    The SNOI also operates 14 SEVESO depots, 7 of which are classified as high threshold, with a total capacity of 500,000 m³ spread over more than 80 underground tanks. 

    With a staff of around ten, the SNOI has entrusted the physical operations to the operator Trapil, which acts “by order and on behalf of the State”.

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