A cocktail on the river Seine for the 25th anniversary since creation of the USI

    A cocktail on the river Seine for the 25th anniversary since creation of the USI

    June 20th, 2019

    A cocktail on the river Seine for the 25th anniversary since creation of the USI

    To celebrate the twenty fifth anniversary since the creation of the Union des Stockistes Industriels (USI), its members and chair, Olivier Peyrin, organised a cocktail event on the river Seine, aboard the “Le Signac” based at Port Debilly, 26 avenue de New York – 75016 Paris.

    On this occasion, Olivier Peyrin made the following speech:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I would firstly like to welcome the representatives of the Board of Directors, and particularly the DGEC, who have honoured us with their presence at this anniversary evening. 
    And then, all of our partners, other French professional bodies working in the energy sector, and European organisations such as the UFIP and FETSA. Finally, all of the employees who work in our companies on a daily basis, all of whom form the USI.

    This 25th anniversary is a chance to meet in an informal manner, to look back at what we have achieved since our creation, in 1994, and above all what to expect in the years ahead. 

    At the time of creation, the USI brought together some seven independent storage firms. Since then, the oil landscape has vastly changed. Many holding companies have been created, the shareholding of main companies excluding refineries has changed, so much so that today, the Union des Stockistes Industriels includes 22 storage operators – including four pipeline operators. Products are stored for third parties, which guarantees free competition on the distribution market. This includes oil products, but also chemical and agricultural products. 

    The USI has a total storage capacity of around 26 million  m³ across 75 depositories, which represents two thirds of the import capacity of brute oil in the country and almost all imports of refined products. 90% of products distributed in France, land duel, domestic fuel, fuel reactor fuel all transit via our depositories. These load 1,600,000 tankers per year, which corresponds to 6,400 per working day. 

    The USI is at the core of national oil logistics and it is clearly visible that when this is blocked for any reason, the impact on daily life of our companies and citizens is felt immediately. Of course, these activities also emit greenhouse gases, but remains fundamental for the economic activity of the country. 

    Measures which contribute towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions will have clear repercussions on activities of the country, and that of our companies. Amongst these, the stoppage of production of thermic engines for vehicles in 2040 will no doubt have the heaviest consequences; this is, as you have guessed, one of the largest subjects of discussion with the Board of Directors, as part of the PPE. Bringing forward to 2030 implementation of this method, claimed by one of the candidates in the recent European elections, is an idea which must be confronted with reality. We will still need all energies for decades. Be that as it may, our members will do everything that is possible to adapt, whilst continuing to guarantee the proper operation of the oil logistical chain, refineries or import ports to reach end clients who include service stations, companies and private individuals. However, if I may paraphrase an eminent individual, let’s not “go too quickly, too fast, too costly!” and lets “be realistic!”

    The new operating conditions of the CPSSP/SAGESS system guaranteeing national security stocks cannot clearly leave us indifferent, insofar as the vast majority of these stocks are housed by us.

    Finally, all of the provisions taken following the recent terrorist attacks, to step up resilience of the logistical chain and protect Seveso sites have been the object of considerable investment and modification to operating procedures with all of our members. 

    However, outlining all current and future challenges is not the main aim of this evening; thanks once more for your presence, and let us toast the good health of our Association, the intelligent cooperation with all of our partners including the Administration… and not to mention the start of summer!

    I wish you a fun and enjoyable evening, and happy sailing.
    Thanks for listening.”

    Aboard the Signac

    Aboard the Signac

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